Our Farms
Located on the east coast of Scotland, near Arbroath

Our fresh produce packing facility, Abbeyfruit, is located in Arbroath

Enhancing our environment
We plant lots of wildlife habitat on our farms every year

Seahills Farm
Our Strawberries are grown on the lovely East Coast of Scotland

About Peter.J. Stirling —
The UK's premier producer of finest quality strawberries and Brussels sprouts

We grow all our own produce on our own farms by Arbroath. We also have our own fresh produce packing facility, in Arbroath. This degree of control allows us to ensure our fruit and vegetables are perfect for our customers and consumers.

Peter J Stirling is part of a family farming business, which started in 1916 and is based around the coastal town of Arbroath, in Scotland.

Peter started farming in 1986 when he bought Seahills farm at the age of 21. 

Since then the Peter J Stirling farming opporation has grown to 5 fruit farms and 1 arable farm. The business now employs around 70 full time staff and up to 250 seasonal staff during the summer months.

“We farm close to the sea, by Arbroath, on the east coast of Scotland. This location has the "goldielocks" climate for the production of high quality fruit and vegetables, with lot's of extra light and sunshine from the sea, while never too hot in summer or too cold in winter"

Key Contacts:
Farm Manager: Gary Bruce

+44 (0) 1241 871310