Our traditional strawberry crops produce large, delicious fruits during the summer

Picking Strawberries in our state of the art greenhouses, where we can produce from March to December each year.

Our Strawberries are totally pampered to ensure they are perfect !

Our Strawberries —
Farming in harmony with nature.

It's been claimed our strawberries are the most attractive & delicious in the World! M&S said they couldn't souce any better in the world than ours last Christmas.


One of the reasons our strawberries taste so good, is our ideal location next to the sea. Our summers are never too hot, so the berries grow slowly and big! They also get lots of extra seaside sunshine, producing a super sweet taste. 

“All of our efforts go  towards producing the most beautiful, best tasting strawberries. Our crops are pampered in every way, receiving the perfect growing climate and nutrition in our greenhouses".

Key Contacts:
Fruit Manager: Kenny Shellard

+44 (0) 1241 871310