We are researching natural ways to enhance the healthy properties in our produce

We produce 100% of M&S's selenium enhanced sprouts

Peter with M&S's best in Scotland award for fresh produce

Inspecting our high health field trials

Measuring the extra minerals in our kale plants at the James Hutton Institute

High Health —
investing in a healthy future

 We have formed a partnership with the James Hutton Institute, who are the the UK's principal agricultural crop research facility. They have the best equipment to measure the amount of minerals and vitamins in our fresh produce.

We are exploring ways to naturally improve the natritional values in our fresh produce. Providing the soil and plants with optimum minerals and nutrition, can increase the amount they can provide us when we eat them.  

If our produce is rich in minerals and vitamins,  it makes every portion count for so much more towards your daily requirement.

We currently supply 100% of M&S's selenium enhanced Brussels sprouts, which have double the selenium of standard sprouts, which is really helpful for those deficient in selenium. 

"Health is now at the top of everyone's agenda and it's important that the food we consume contains as much nutritional value as possible" 

Key Contacts:
Fruit Manager: Kenny Shellard

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