The Sweetest Seaside Strawberries
Seahills is a magical farm with SSSI status (site of special scientific interest), being a haven to many rare flora and fauna along its cliffs and beaches.

Seahills is a sanctuary to many animals including roe deer, foxes, badgers, rabbits and hares. Seahills is a favourite bird watcher’s destination, with a myriad of birds and insects attracted by our woodlands, wild flower meadows, fresh water lochs and other dedicated wildlife areas.

The sea is home to dolphins and porpoises, its waves skimmed by puffins and sea birds, while Robert Louis Stevenson’s Bell Rock Lighthouse sits on the horizon.

Seahills Farm

Seahills and the sea are the Yin and Yang of an intertwined, positive partnership. The sea helps us produce our exceptional strawberries. Already one of the sunniest places in Scotland, our strawberries enjoy additional sunlight reflected off the sea, making them extra sweet! The sea also keeps our strawberries cool in the summer, so they grow nice and big! In the winter the sea keeps the frost away, protecting our strawberry plants through to spring.



Key Contacts:
Seahills Farm: Ainslee Swankie

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